Exhibition design ‘Knowledge of a cultural heritage’

More about the project at → Huus and Heim Arkitektur.

project Information

  • Location: Rørosmuseet
  • Project year: 2010
  • Project: Walking exhibition and book
  • Status: Completed
  • Builder: Rørosmuseet


  • The exhibition is a compilation of Sverre Ødegaard's extensive drawing material over Røros' development from mining town until modern times as a city with world heritage status. The material is presented for the first time by Rørosmuseet in the form of a walking exhibition and a book in collaboration with bookbinder.
  • The illustrations are presented on a 6 meter long canvas hanging from the ceiling. As a ballast in the bottom, a drawing roller rests, which also serves as a protection during transport.
  • The planks form V-shaped cradles that hang freely in the room and are sometimes rotated to create variation.
  • The room around is done as much as possible, and you enter and through the drawing material that fills the entire room.
  • As a reference to Ødegaard's own sketchbooks, the book was formatted as a sketch block - in book paper and with spiral back. The input of the book consists of texts on paper and with drawings on translucent lime paper.