National Tourist Route Hardanger

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project Information

  • Architect: Home and Home Architecture v / Børge Opheim and Aslak Haanshuus
  • Location: Ullensvang
  • Project year: 2008 - 2015
  • Project: National tourist roads
  • Status: Not built
  • Builder: Public Roads Administration


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  • The planned stop is located in Sørfjorden between Kinsarvik and Odda. The rest area will act as the mainstay of this journey. The area is characterized by the steep landscape where the plot today is a large area. This is the result of a gradual erection of the road terrace.
  • Over the years, the gradual alignment of the national road along the steep valley side has established a large open space between the road and the fjord. This has also given a larger vertical cut towards the ground.
  • In connection with the planned race assurance project along the road, the resting place lies alongside, these features will be further enhanced. The project will help to repair the great mountain year by retrieving the natural landscape features and by creating a visual connection between the day's cutting and the slope towards the fjord.
  • As an environmental strategy, we want the project to relate to the challenges faced by the race assurance project along the route. In terms of this work, substantial surplus mass will be generated as it is demanding to deposit. The reversal of the landscape enables local storage of 15,000 m³ of explosive stones.
  • By using gabions, the mass can be effectively stored locally and the top of the structure is planted with natural vegetation. The column has a volume of about 70 m³ and is 12 meters at the highest. Geometry is based on an even-sided triangle at the top and bottom where the surface between these forms a hyperbolic paraboloid that provides straight lines from bottom to top.
  • The columns are narrowest in the bottom and extend gradually upwards to first create a ground floor while at the same time creating a contiguous structure with large light deposits at the top.
  • The facility has a simple structure with a gradual rising ground level from parking in the southeast to the north west area. At the same time, the top of the terrain falls and "melts" together with the ground to the west. Here, the top of the landscape form is provided, which provides great variability with regard to living zones and viewing conditions.
  • The Gabion columns tangent to the top and create a contiguous structure, while gradually sloping towards the ground and creating spaces. These act as passengers from the parking lot through the structure and towards the rest area, the view and the fjord.
  • The cuts built up against the road act as a filter of passages that guide users from the car park to a spacious outdoor facility consisting of a space space that gradually gains more natural character.
  • The outside area is sheltered from the road and within easy reach of existing buildings. This overall provides the best solution for safeguarding existing qualities, while providing new qualities in terms of views, sun conditions, existing vegetation and shielding for road noise.